10-Year Plan

In December 2016, the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) approved the first 10-Year Plan of Projects for the Dallas-Fort Worth region funded by allocations of Category 2, 4, and 12 funds from the Texas Transportation Commission (TTC). The plan funded approximately $6.9 billion worth of projects, with the Eastern subregion receiving approximately $4.6 billion and the Western subregion receiving the remaining $2.3 billion.

A10-Year Plan is required by House Bill (HB) 20, passed by the Texas Legislature in 2015. This legislation mandates that the state and metropolitan planning organizations utilize performance-based planning and project selection, along with developing criteria to consider congestion, safety, economic development, available funding, air quality, and socioeconomic effects.

The 10-year Plan is updated annually in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation's Unified Transportation Program (UTP). These updates include changes to existing project limits, scopes, and funding as well as the addition of new projects.

2021 10-Year Plan Update


2020 10-Year Plan Update


2019 10-Year Plan Update


2018 10-Year Plan Update


2017 Action on 10-Year Plan


2016-2026 10-Year Plan


NCTCOG Planning Prior to 2016

While performance-based 10-Year Plans are now legislatively mandated, NCTCOG has been conducting 10-year planning efforts for more than two decades. Materials about the projects funded through those efforts can be found below.



For a complete listing of the projects selected and other information on the 10-Year Plan, please follow the links provided above.
If you have additional questions, please contact Brian Dell, Principal Transportation Planner, at bdell@nctcog.org or (817) 704-5694.