Performance Measures

NCTCOG actively monitors the performance of the region’s transportation system. Many of these observations are adopted as formal performance measures that are used to tell the story of how the region’s transportation system is performing relative to the agency’s goals and objectives. Performance measurement is an area of rapid development for the Transportation department as it strives to improve its performance-based planning process.
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Ongoing Performance Measurement Activities

Changing Mobility: Data, Insights, and Delivering Innovative Projects During COVID Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the region's transportation system and the economic activity that supports its maintenance and expansion. NCTCOG's Transportation Department actively monitored these impacts, assessed potential implications for transportation planning, and prioritized projects as needed to support the region.  

Federal Measures

Federal transportation rulemaking requires that Metropolitan Planning Organizations such as NCTCOG monitor and set targets for a specific array of measures. As appropriate, targets for North Central Texas have been adopted by the Regional Transportation Council (RTC), and they are being incorporated into NCTCOG’s transportation planning processes.  

Performance in Mobility Plans

Performance of the transportation system is a key component of the decision-making process in NCTCOG’s current long-range metropolitan transportation plan, Mobility 2045. It includes a discussion of the system’s performance in the Regional Performance chapter that incorporated the latest required federal performance measures and a performance-based project selection process. Selected modeled roadway performance data is also available through the Mobility 2045 Roadway Performance mapping application. Subsequent updates and new plans will further strengthen this component of the long-range planning process.

Performance in the Transportation Improvement Program

Much like Mobility 2045, the 2021-2024 Transporation Improvement Program (TIP) contains a robust discussion of performance measurement and the impact that it has on the projects the TIP selects for funding in its Regional Performance chapter.

Progress North Texas

Progress North Texas is an annual report, published in the spring, summarizing transportation system performance, recent accomplishments, and next steps for transportation plans, policies, programs, and projects.  


511DFW is a free traveler information service provided by NCTCOG and its partner agencies that aggregates live performance data and other relevant information into a single application.

Transportation Safety Program

As part of its Transportation Safety Program, NCTCOG actively monitors crash data from the TxDOT Crash Records Information System (CRIS). Selected data is aggregated and published in a series of annual fact sheets. In recent years, these reports have been modified to include the required federal safety performance measures.

Transportation Usage Measures

NCTCOG monitors the price of fuel and the impact it has on various aspects of the region’s transportation system.

Upcoming Performance Measurement Activities

 - A suite of formalized measures beyond the federally required measures to reflect the region’s goals
 - Expanded performance measurement in upcoming Metropolitan Transportation Plan updates
 - Performance measurement dashboards