The Aviation program area is currently engaged in planning for Surface Access to regional aviation facilities, the continued development of the North Texas Aviation Education Initiative, and the Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Safety and Integration Initiative, among others. 

The Air Transportation Advisory Committee oversees the Regional General Aviation and Heliport System Plan and advises NCTCOG staff on regionally significant issues affecting the general aviation and heliport system.
North Central Texas Aviation Facilities 
 The 16-county region of North Central Texas is home to a variety of public and private aviation facilities. Of the more than 400 aviation facilities, 56 are public-use facilities, with 29 included in the FAA’s National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems.
  2 Primary Commercial Service Airports
 11 Reliever Airports
 14 General Aviation Airports
   3 Public Use Heliports

Staff Contacts:  Natalie Bettger, Ernest Huffman

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NCT Aviation Plan

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North Texas Aviation Education Speakers Bureau

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Regional General Aviation and Heliport System Plan

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Aviation Education Outreach

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North Central Texas Aviation Careers

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Regional Aviation Performance Measures

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Surface Access

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