TollTagsĀ® at NCTCOG

TollTags® are available at NCTCOG!  Whether you’re at our offices for a meeting, a training session, or just stopping by, you can purchase a TollTag® and pick it up the same day!

NCTCOG offers drivers the opportunity to open NTTA TollTag® accounts.  We offer two great ways to open a new account:

  • Click here to complete an online application, then stop by the sales counter in the Public Affairs Department (first floor of the Centerpoint II building) to pick up your TollTag®
  • Visit the Public Affairs Department sales counter to complete an application in person and NCTCOG staff will assist you with the process.

What are the advantages of a TollTag®?

  • Drivers using a TollTag® to drive NTTA toll roads save 40% over drivers who use the tollway system without a tag.
  • TollTags® can be used to pay for pass-through and parking costs at DFW International Airport.
  • TollTags® can be used to pay for parking costs at Love Field Airport.
  • TollTags® can be used on any toll road in Texas.

Where do you go to get a TollTag®?

To establish a new TollTag® account and purchase tags, please visit:
North Central Texas Council of Governments
Public Affairs Department, First Floor Centerpoint II
616 Six Flags Drive
Arlington, TX  76011

How do you obtain a TollTag®?

The process is simple.  Just follow the instructions on the online application, or stop by the sales counter and our staff will assist you with your application.

What information is required to open an account and purchase a TollTag®?

You must have the following information to complete your application:

  • Year, make, model, color, state and license plate number of the vehicle for which the TollTag® is being purchased
  • Driver's license number and state
  • Credit card (Master Card, Visa, or American Express).  Accounts must be opened with a credit card, and payments are processed by NTTA and are not made directly to NCTCOG.

Once you complete the application process, NCTCOG staff will verify your photo ID, submit your application, assign a TollTag® number for each vehicle, and submit the information to NTTA for processing.  The processing time takes only a brief time, and once approved by NTTA, you will receive your tag for immediate use!  You will also receive a printed receipt of the transaction.

How much does a TollTag® cost?

The cost of a TollTag® depends on the number of tags issued. See the chart for more information.

Number of Tags Issued
Prepaid Account & Subsequent Credit Card Charges
Replenishment Balance
Charge for Monthly Statement

Need help with your existing TollTag® Account?

This service is for new TollTag accounts only.  Users with existing accounts should contact NTTA at or 1-877-991-0033.