Vendors wishing to be added to NCTCOG's bid list must complete a Vendor Information Form. Items frequently purchased by NCTCOG include office furniture, machines, equipment and supplies; audio/visual equipment and duplication; computers, peripherals and accessories; printing services; copier paper; durable medical equipment; and data and phone cabling. You may submit a Vendor Information Form using the link below.

Vendor Information Form

NCTCOG’s Open Solicitations page lists current bids and proposals. Be sure to read the bid and proposal packets thoroughly for deadlines and delivery timeframe information. NCTCOG encourages all interested vendors to register through Public Purchase to receive solicitation notifications. You may register for free here.

NCTCOG also has open and continuous solicitations posted for select instructor opportunities through the agency’s Instructor Portal. This portal allows respondents to complete an online profile and submit their proposals through a streamlined submission process.

Bid and proposal results can be obtained by contacting the appropriate person listed in the bid packet. Results can be obtained only after a bid has been awarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas and complies with the same provisions for purchasing goods or services that apply to local governments. We are a unique agency because of the various ways in which we are funded – local, state and federal. Sometimes the funding agency will dictate the purchasing rules that we must follow.

NCTCOG utilizes a competitive procurement process to gain maximum free and open competition to ensure purchases are obtained efficiently and economically and in compliance with the provisions of applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. We hope that the following information will assist suppliers in becoming familiar with how to conduct business with NCTCOG.

How can I get on a bidders list?

Any and all individuals and firms who desire the opportunity to receive bid invitations can be added to NCTCOG's vendor list. Please see the Vendor Information Form, above.

How can I find out about bid opportunities?

Sealed bids or proposals (those $50,000 or more) are advertised in major local newspapers under the legal notices section, on our web site, and occasionally in trade magazines or other publications that are specific to the particular commodity or service requested. These sealed bids or proposals will also be advertised on Public Purchase.

For bids less than $50,000, NCTCOG staff will obtain written or telephone quotes by contacting at least three vendors. In accordance with Texas Government Code 791.001, NCTCOG has the option of purchasing products that are on State of Texas or cooperative purchasing contracts. If this method is chosen, the bidding process is not necessary regardless of the dollar amount.

What are NCTCOG’s bidding thresholds?

Purchase price up to $2,999:                                Quotes are not required, but good faith effort is required in                                                                                                       obtaining best possible price.

Purchase price between $3,000-$49,999:    At least three (3) competitive written bids required

Purchase price over $50,000:                               Sealed bidding process requiring Executive Board approval                                                                                                       and advertising in newspapers.

Some exceptions may apply to the above bidding thresholds.

What is a sealed bid or proposal?

Sealed bids or proposals are for purchases expected to be $50,000 or more. Sealed bid documents must include a specific date and time of the bid closing and a location as to where vendor is to submit the bid. Late bids are not accepted. Sealed bids are opened publicly at a specified date, time and place as indicated in the bid document. Award of competitive sealed bids or proposals are made by the NCTCOG Executive Board during one of their regularly scheduled meetings.

Where do I turn in a sealed bid?

Vendors should pay close attention to proposal submittal instructions in bid documents. Vendors may turn in their sealed bids to the NCTCOG offices to one of the following addresses unless otherwise specified in the bid document. The person or department to receive the bid must be included in the address line to ensure proper delivery.

By mail:       By physical delivery:
(include staff name or department)   (include staff name or department)
P.O. Box 5888   616 Six Flags Drive
Arlington, TX 76005-5888   Arlington, TX 76011


Sealed bids or proposals are identified by marking the outside envelope “Sealed Bid.” It is up to the vendor to ensure that bids are turned in on time. NCTCOG assumes no responsibility for delays caused by a courier, U.S. Post Office or any other form of delivery. No allowances are made for late bids.

Can I attend a bid opening?

Yes, bid openings are conducted for sealed bids and proposals only and are open to the public. It is the official reading of the bid or proposal and generally consists of who responded to the request. Announcement of the date, time and location of the bid opening is included in the bid documents. Questions concerning any aspect of the bids or proposals are not addressed in the bid opening.

How can I obtain results of a bid award?

Once bids are reviewed and evaluated, they are awarded as soon as is practical. Bid results can only be obtained after an award has been made by calling the project manager or lead department making the original bid solicitation. Contact information for the project manager or department is contained in the original bid documents.