Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Our goal is to promote the interaction and cooperation of GIS professionals within the region. One of the ways we are accomplishing this goal is through bi-annual Regional GIS Meeting of GIS professionals. These meetings are organized and sponsored by NCTCOG and allow other organizations, such as local governments, universities, private sector companies, and software vendors a central meeting place to disseminate information.

Additionally, NCTCOG facilitates the purchase of high-quality aerial imagesdigital elevation contours and other derivative remote sensing products for North Central Texas through the Spatial Data Cooperative Program. The collaborative nature of these projects results in a significant cost savings for participants. An added benefit is the availability of products even for non-participants. Data purchased collaboratively are made available for viewing and printing on DFWmaps and for purchase on DFWmaps Marketplace.

NCTCOG's GIS projects and our demographic research are closely aligned. GIS plays a major role in demographic forecasting and many other programs. Some of the layers that support the research work include land use, features, and various boundary files. GIS data are available for download through our Regional Data Center on Open Data.

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