General FAQ

What does SDCP stand for?

Spatial Data Cooperative Program

How do I place an order?

Aerial photography can be purchased online at the DFWMaps Marketplace.

What is a tile and how big are they?

In order to manage the data efficiently, the data from the flyover is separated into tiles. The tiles are imported into mapping software and mosaicked (pieced) together so they appear as one seamless image on Each tile is 3,000 feet wide by 2,000 feet high.  The tile naming convention was created by the first ortho vendor, Vargis LLC.  The tiles are now used for all  SDCP program data.

How is the order delivered?

Our fastest method of order delivery is by FTP, although each individual order has a total file size limit of 5 GB.  If your order is going to be larger than 5GB and you would like to have the data delivered by FTP you will need to break your order up into smaller groups.  Otherwise contact  and we will process your order manually and copy onto a flash drive .  Note that the time for manual processing will be longer than FTP, because special arrangements must be made to copy the data to media and arrange delivery or pickup.

How long will it take to process my order?

You order will be processed in 1 to 3 business days from the time the order is placed.  Delivery methods other than FTP may require additional time.

If I've purchased data, can I share it with a consultant?  
           Yes, you can share purchased data with consultants who are working with you on a project, as long as you sign and return a
           contractor's licensing agreement to   Click here for a copy of the CLA.  

What is a corridor?

A corridor is an AOI that follows a path, road, utility (or any) right-of-way.  Due to their unusually narrow shape, corridors require specialized flight plans and 20%-25% more ground control and are thereby more expensive than traditional AOIs.