NCTCOG Performance Reporting

NCTCOG Performance Reports  are developed and submitted to satisfy the reporting requirements of the Texas Local Government Code,1  the Texas Administrative Code2  and the Texas General Appropriations Act.3

These reports, Projection of Productivity and Performance and Actual Productivity and Performance, are submitted to the Office of the Governor, the Legislative Budget Board, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, the State Auditor's Office, and the Legislative Reference Library.


Projection of
Productivity and Performance

Productivity and Performance

2022 Projection  
2021 Projection 2021 Actual
2020 Projection 2020 Actual
2019 Projection 2019 Actual
2018 Projection 2018 Actual
2017 Projection 2017 Actual
2016 Projection 2016 Actual
2015 Projection 2015 Actual
2014 Projection 2014 Actual
2013 Projection 2013 Actual
2012 Projection 2012 Actual
2011 Projection 2011 Actual

Local Government Code 391.009 and 391.0095
Administrative Code, Part 1, Chapter 5, Subpart A, Division 3, Section 5.87-Reports
General Appropriations Act, 78th Legislature, Article IX, Section 6.28-Performance Rewards and Penalties