Idling Alternatives

According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's (TCEQ) Idling Limitations Rule, a motor vehicle may not idle while using the vehicle's sleeper berth during a government-mandated rest period when it is within two miles of a facility offering external heating and air conditioning connections and is within a jurisdiction that has adopted idling restrictions.  

Companies and businesses can offer truck drivers other options to be comfortable while trucks are being loaded or unloaded, or during driver mandatory rest breaks can encourage drivers to reduce their idling. 

The Driver's Lounge

Having an area where drivers can kick back and stretch their legs while goods are being loaded onto and/or unloaded off the truck can help reduce the need to idle. This lounge can fit any budget, and can be as ordinary as a converted office, or as lavish as a brand new structure.  Amenities can include internet, cable TV, food and beverages, a microwave or toaster oven, and even a cot for a quick nap.

On-Site Option

On-site options also enable driver comfort without running the main engine. Electrified Truck Stops (ETS) are specific rest areas that provide power to trucks using existing infrastructure. There are two ways the facility can supply power to vehicles:This is a photo of a line of white semi trucks

  1. Single Unit Electrified Parking Space (EPS): also known as “Full Service” systems, provides power and climate control through a window unit that supplies processed air to the cab. The window unit can also offer other commodities such as internet access and television.
  2. Dual Unit EPS: provides power by remote power hookups for trucks that have shorepower capabilities. This option requires that heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) units for climate control be installed on individual trucks.

There are currently three (3) publically available electrified truck stops in the north Texas region. 

Pilot Travel Center
#434 2400 Alliance Gateway
Fort Worth,TX, 76177
I-35 Exit 65
Flying J Travel Center
#726 7425 Bonnie View Road
Dallas, TX,75241
I-20 Exit 472
Payless Fuel Travel Center
8181S. Lancaster Road
Dallas, TX,75241
I-20 Exit 470

Idling Reduction Technology

On-board devices can be installed on trucks to allow the driver to turn off the main engine while still providing driver comfort and; thus, reducing air pollution and fuel consumption.

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