College and University Inspection and Maintenance Partnership Program

The North Central Texas Council of Governments developed the College and University Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Partnership Program to help educate schools and students on the various rules and laws related to regional air quality and mobile emissions enforcement efforts.

Texas Education Code (TEC), Section 51.207 (e), states: “Each institution of higher education that maintains a campus police force shall adopt procedures for enforcing State of Texas vehicle inspection laws for vehicles parking or driving on the campus of the institution.”

If your university or college currently issues parking permits and enforces parking policy, becoming familiar with these laws will help ensure that your institution is in compliance with State motor vehicle emissions laws.


On May 1, 2012, NCTCOG hosted a workshop to discuss issuance of on-campus vehicle parking permits and how it relates to regional air quality and emissions enforcement efforts. At this meeting, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) discussed applicable rules related to emissions inspections requirements on campus and NCTCOG discussed the Regional Emissions Enforcement Program and ways schools can gain access to the NCTCOG Emissions Database (NED) for purposes of ensuring all vehicles comply with the TEC.  With access to NED, enforcement personnel are able to verify proper emissions inspections.  NED access is available free of charge and accredited training classes are available at no cost.


Staff Contacts
Anthony Moffa
Jason Brown
Chris Klaus