Detailed County Maps

The following county-wide maps identify the existing, funded and planned adopted 2045 Regional Veloweb, local community paths and on-street bikeway networks in further detail. For necessary updates to the maps or for more information, please contact Kevin Kokes.

2045 Veloweb and On-Street Bikeway Maps – August 2018   

For a snapshot of other regionally significant trail systems, click Regional Trails Brochure and Map. This brochure is sponsored “in part” by bicycle-oriented businesses in the North Texas Region such as bike shops, as well as other Bicycle Friendly Businesses designated by the League of American Bicyclists. If you are interested in participating in this program and becoming a sponsor, please contact our office.

The following includes additional information about the highlighted regional trails. These highlighted corridors are only a few of many Regional Trail projects within the Regional Veloweb trail system that is focused on connecting communities, bridging barriers, and also making connections to housing, employment, and entertainment areas within the region.

Click on a link below to return to the Trails and On-Street Bikeways Network home page,  view expanded maps and read more about the 2045 Regional Veloweb, community paths, and on-street bikeways.