RCC Development Review

The RCC Development Review Web Tool is for committee members and stake holders to review and comment on several of the projects related to the development area surrounding the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (NAS Fort Worth JRB). The system provides a clearinghouse to discuss various project types including parcel-specific zoning changes, height obstructions, site plan applications, and special exceptions. It also provides a forum for discussion on broader long-term project review, such as comprehensive plan updates, zoning ordinance language, and capital improvement plans for public buildings. The use of this tool was a recommendation from the 2008 Joint Land Use Study. The public is invited to view details through our public view about the projects entered into the system and read the comments made by system users, which include voting members of the RCC and their designated staff, NAS Fort Worth JRB staff, NCTCOG staff, and other special districts as needed.