Sustainable Development

A landscape view of a city

As land uses influence regional travel patterns and demand on the transportation system, and transportation connects land uses and provides access to developments, both need to be planned in conjunction with one another.  NCTCOG supports Sustainable Development: mixed-use, infill, and transit-oriented developments that reduce vehicle miles traveled, enable the use of alternative modes of transportation, promote economic development, and improve air quality.
NCTCOG supports local planning through grant programs, infrastructure investments to implement plans, technical assistance, resources, and collaboration between local governments on shared priorities. Below are some of the areas in which NCTCOG promotes land use-transportation connections.

Toy car travelling through miniature city

Economic Development

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Highways around green fields

Green Infrastructure

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An overhead view of a street in a mini city


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Pie Chart of several different slices of land use

Land Use Planning Projects

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Man pushing a task force button

Land Use Transportation Task Force

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Car leaving a busy parking lot

Parking Management

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an overhead view of a school

School Site Planning & Access

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A Texas town main street with courthouse in view

Sustainable Development Infrastructure

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Wide angle view of DART Light Rail

Transit-Oriented Development

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A Zoning Ordinance sign near a zoning map


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