SmartWay® is a voluntary, public-private program by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps the freight industry reduce fleet emissions, improve fuel economy, and increase energy efficiency. The SmartWay program includes four major elements: SmartWay Transport Partnership, SmartWay Verified Technology, SmartWay Green Vehicles, and SmartWay Global Collaboration.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) joined the SmartWay Transport Program as an Affiliate in October 2006. In this role, NCTCOG promotes SmartWay initiatives within the region by providing educational outreach to potential partners and affected industries.

NCTCOG encourages local freight fleets to join the program and improve environmental performance while enjoying the many benefits partners and companies receive.  You can see our accomplishments by checking out our NCTCOG Affiliate Smartway Recognition page. 

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This is an image of "a half century of progress" by the EPA, displaying clean air limits and ordinances from 1970 to 2020.

Did You Know?

  • The 2021 EPA SmartWay Excellence Award Event featured 60 companies as multi-year awardees with operations in the North Central Texas Region.
  • These companies and numerous others across North America ranked among the top two percent of performers in freight sustainability -- having met the highest benchmarks in such areas as innovation, freight efficiency and leadership within their respective industries.

North Texas Freight Terminal Electrification 2020: Funding Availability Continues!

Availability continues for private sector entities to apply for this rebate funding opportunity worth approximately $960,000 awarded from NCTCOG.

This Call for Projects is open to private freight terminals or distribution centers primarily recieving heavy-duty truck Transport Refrigeration Units and trailer TRUs and located in the 10-county ozone nontattainment area. Eligible projects include construction and installation of Electrified Parking Spaces for heavy-duty truck TRUs and trailer TRUs, electric power monitoring equipment and electric power connection kits. This funding can be applied toward up to 30% of eligible costs. 

Funding will continue to be available until they are expended. 

For more information on this rebate funding opportunity, visit the NTFTE 2020 webpage. Please email with any questions.

SMARTE- Saving Money and Reducing Truck Emissions Program

NCTCOG received funding from EPA to conduct comprehensive outreach, education, and financial assistance to the trucking industry regarding programs, technologies, and operational practices which reduce emissions and increase efficiency of freight operations.  A major focus of this effort will be promotion of EPA-verified SmartWay technologies.

SMARTE Home: Saving Money and Reducing Truck Emissions (SMARTE) Program

SmartWay for Shippers: You’re in Good Company


Learn how retailers, manufacturers, and other Fortune 500 companies participate in EPA’s SmartWay program as a way to assess and strengthen the sustainability of goods movement in their supply chains. For more information about participating in EPA’s SmartWay program, go to or

SmartWay Upgrade Kit Demonstration Project

NCTCOG conducted an in-use demonstration project to evaluate the impact of SmartWay technologies in increasing fuel economy and reducing emissions among Class 8 heavy-duty trucks. 

Overall, the results of the demonstration project support the finding that the use of SmartWay technologies, particularly when used as a kit, is an effective tool for improving fuel economy and reducing emissions among Class 8 heavy-duty trucks.

Final Report: Study and Analysis of Fuel Consumption and Emissions Reductions for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks

Staff Contacts: Huong Duong, Jason Brown

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