NCT Regional ITS Architecture

Architecture Version 2.1 (Aug. 2021)

The purpose of this regional ITS architecture web site is to encourage use of the regional ITS architecture and gather feedback so that the architecture is used and continues to reflect the intelligent transportation system vision for the region. 

Staff Contacts: Marian Thompson and Eric Quintana

Final ITS Strategic Deployment Plan Report - May 2016
ITS Strategic Deployment Plan Project Listing Update June 2021 [PDF]

ITS TSMO Funding Criteria

Regional ITS Architecture
If you need any information on the North Central Texas Regional ITS Architecture, please contact Marian Thompson  or Eric Quintana.

Regional ITS Architecture Consistency Forms - Blank and Sample


Learning Center   

North Central Texas Regional ITS Architecture Update Usage Seminar Videos
Usage Seminar - Part 1: Using the Architecture
Usage Seminar - Part 2: Project Consistency with the Architecture
Usage Seminar - Part 3: Architecture Maintenance

Legal Basis

On December 4, 2015, the 114th Congress enacted PUBLIC LAW 114–94, the ‘‘Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act’’ or the ‘‘FAST Act’’. Section 517 requires the development and maintenance of a national ITS architecture and supporting ITS standards and protocols to promote the use of systems engineering methods in the widespread deployment and evaluation of intelligent transportation systems as a component of the surface transportation systems of the United States to promote interoperability among, and efficiency of, intelligent transportation systems and technologies implemented throughout the United States.
Section 517 further requires that the Secretary of Transportation shall ensure that intelligent transportation system projects carried out using amounts made available from the Highway Trust Fund, including amounts made available to deploy intelligent transportation systems, conform to the appropriate regional ITS architecture, applicable standards, and protocols.

The Regional Transportation Council (RTC) adopted a policy that requires agencies who receive funding through RTC funding initiatives for ITS projects develop a statement of architecture consistency. The policy aids the implementation of ITS projects by providing regional coordination and review to meet the intent of the federal legislation.  To meet these requirements, stakeholders in the North Central Texas (NCT) Region developed and updated the NCT Regional ITS Architecture.