Military-Community Planning

Purpose and Goals

The military-community planning program seeks to facilitate a dialogue around common interests and strengthen compatibility among local governments, community members and military installations through communication, education and the planning process. Since 2005, NCTCOG has completed several studies and continues to implement recommendations to improve compatibility near Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth. A more recent study, completed in 2018, expanded the study area to include Texas Military Department training sites throughout North Texas and recommendations from that study are currently being implemented through a grant from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Local Defense Community Coordination (formerly the Office of Economic Adjustment). The additional sites are Fort Wolters near Mineral Wells, Dallas Army Aviation Support Facility on the border of Dallas and Grand Prairie, and Camp Maxey outside Paris.

Military communities within the study area.

Map showing study area of the Joint Land Use Study area which is a cooperative planning project between the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, surrounding cities, and Tarrant county.

Goals of the current effort include:

  • Communication and coordination between the community and the military
  • Enhance quality of life and limit encroachment through the local government planning process
  • Provide opportunities for sound attenuation throughout the community
  • Protect military installations and operating areas from reckless use of uncrewed aircraft systems (drones)
  • Identify needed infrastructure and physical security improvements in the community that could also benefit the military mission
  • Provide members of the community with information needed about the importance of the military mission and compatibility planning

A major reason NCTCOG became involved in this work is the positive economic impact of the military and associated defense contractor activity to the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Another key driver is serving as a force multiplier – DFW is home to many reservists and National Guard members who train at facilities in the region and it’s important that these installations remain open to preserve military readiness. The graphic below highlights the economic impact.

Economic Impacts table from the Texas Comptroller, US DOD office of Economic Adjustments. For more information please contact Amanda Wilson at 817-695-9284.

Current Implementation Efforts

In September 2020, NCTCOG received an implementation grant from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation. Project progress and accomplishments will be tracked at our website linked below.

The Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth Regional Coordination Committee was formed by local governments and NCTCOG in 2008 and has been regularly meeting since that time. The committee serves as a forum to discuss compatible planning efforts and keep the community informed about developments at NAS JRB Fort Worth. More information can be found at the committee’s web page.

Much of the transportation infrastructure near the region’s military installations needs modernization and improvement. Project needs have been documented near NAS JRB Fort Worth and many studies are underway. A map below shows the range of projects and specific study information is linked for selected projects.

Planning Livable Military Communities (PLMC) Transportation Implementation Update

Map showing status of transportation projects surrounding NAS JRB Fort Worth

Related TxDOT studies within the planning area:


 | Joining Forces: Aligning Community & Military Missions
Joining Forces seeks to promote compatible growth and to insulate regional military installations from encroachments that could threaten the installations’ ability to conduct their missions. The results of the study will include recommended actions for the communities to adopt such as zoning overlays, obstruction ordinances, comprehensive plan language and communication strategies. The communities surrounding the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth (NAS JRB, Fort Worth) in western Tarrant County participated in a Joint Land Use Study 10 years ago. (See more information about the 2008 JLUS below.) The most recent study, known as Joining Forces: Aligning Community & Military Missions will update this JLUS and include three additional installations (Fort Wolters, Dallas Army Aviation Support Facility, Camp Maxey), two ancillary training areas and flight areas that support operations at NAS JRB, Fort Worth.

The 2018 JLUS made over 150 recommendations to improve compatible development and quality of life for communities, enhance local planning initiatives, and support the military mission. The full report and technical appendices are now available.
         - Final Report
         - Technical Appendices

For more information on the Joining Forces Study, visit:

2012 | Planning Livable Military Communities
Through a partnership with the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the cities of Benbrook, Fort Worth, Lake Worth, River Oaks, Sansom Park, Westworth Village, and White Settlement and in conjunction with Tarrant County, a need was identified to conduct planning studies for the area surrounding the Naval Air Station Fort Worth, Joint Reserve Base (NAS Fort Worth, JRB). This need stemmed from a previous Department of Defense funded Joint Land Use Study that identified 17 actions for the local governments to support compatible development from base initiatives and from community identified goals to evaluate transportation options, support economic development initiatives, evaluate housing and retail markets in the area, and complete local government comprehensive plan updates. This project, referred to as Planning for Livable Military Communities (PLMC), is funded with a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Challenge Grant.

Executive Summary

Project Location
The focus area for this project represented a range with an approximate 2.5 mile buffer from the base. This area encompasses the majority of the partner communities and is consistent with efforts to encourage housing and transportation choices closer to the base.

Regional Vision Report:  offers collaborative strategies for addressing challenges and taking advantage of opportunities that cross city boundaries.
           - PLMC Regional Vision Report
           - Appendices

Local Government Comprehensive Plan Visions:  outline specific goals, policies, and actions intended to be guidelines for future comprehensive plan updates.

           - Lake Worth Comprehensive Vision Plan
           - River Oaks Comprehensive Vision Plan
           - Sansom Park Comprehensive Vision Plan
           - Westworth Village Comprehensive Vision Plan
           - White Settlement Comprehensive Vision Plan

2008 | Defending the Sound of Freedom
A foundational collaborative effort was the 2008 Joint Land Use Study, entitled Defending the Sound of Freedom, involving the cities of Benbrook, Fort Worth, Lake Worth, River Oaks, Westworth Village, and White Settlement, as well as Tarrant County. This JLUS recommended a series of strategies to reduce the risk of encroachment around NAS JRB Fort Worth with an emphasis on the following immediate implementation steps:

  • Establish an oversight committee to monitor changes and to work closely with the base on land use and encroachment issues;

  • Revise and continue to enforce current regulatory requirements such as zoning and building codes to minimize encroachment and noise issues;

  • Institute noise level reduction measures and a sound attenuation program for those incompatible structures located in the 65 decibel (dB) DNL (denotes average day/night noise levels) noise contour or higher;

  • Establish a real estate advisory service for the noise-affected area; and

  • Initiate land protection and/or voluntary acquisition in the Clear Zones and Accident Potential Zones.

Final Report
NAS JRB Fort Worth JLUS Brochure
Additional NAS JRB Fort Worth JLUS Brochure
NAS JRB Fort Worth Military Training Routes and Military Operating Areas Brochure

Staff Contact - Amanda Wilson