Fort Worth - South Seventh


2000-2001 Call for Projects
Status: Complete

The Fort Worth South Seventh (So7) project was one of the first major residential mixed-use development projects in the Museum District on the West 7th Street Corridor. The project helped turn the former industrial area into a popular mixed-use development in central Fort Worth and acted as a catalyst for other projects in the area.

The area surrounding So7 has grown steadily over the past two decades, with multiple mix-use developments being planned or developed, the expansion of public spaces along the Trinity River, and a thriving arts sector. Thanks to the pedestrian-friendly environment in the area, local residents have the ability to walk to numerous local businesses, parks, and art museums, including the Kimbell Art Museum, the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and Panther Island Pavilion. Additionally, the area offers connection points to multiple public transit bus stops for several Trinity Metro bus routes.

This So7 development is host to a mix of housing units, office and retail spaces, and a hotel with views overlooking Trinity River Park to the south and Downtown Fort Worth to the east. Funding was provided by NCTCOG and the City for pedestrian improvements including sidewalks, pedestrian amenities, streetscaping along West 7th Street, and a bicycle and pedestrian pathway connection across the Clear Fork Trinity River into Downtown Fort Worth.

Mixed-Use Information

  • 350 residential units
  • 103,000+ sq. ft. of retail space
This is an aerial view of the West Seventh development in Fort Worth
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