Bicycle Opinion Survey

bikers on a bridgeNCTCOG commissioned a survey of residents in the  12-county North Central Texas Region to capture the views  of the public-at-large about bicycle use across the region  to help guide future bicycle plans and projects that affect  bicyclists. The survey was conducted randomly by phone,  both in English and Spanish, which garnered 1,250  interviews with a 95% level of confidence.

Survey questions were constructed to help determine:

  • Residents’ perception of factors in their neighborhood that might help or hinder bicycle use
  • Perceived barriers to bicycling
  • Behaviors such as helmet use
  • Support for improvements to bicycle facilities

Individuals riding their bikes on a marked bike lane

Bicycle Opinion Survey Overview Presentation  (April 2018)
Bicycle Opinion Survey Executive Summary  
Bicycle Opinion Survey Results Report


Staff Contact:  Kevin Kokes