Regional Railroad Crossing Banking Program

In 1991, the Federal Railroad Administration adopted a goal of closing 25% of all highway at-grade railroad crossings in the United States. This was done in an effort to reduce the number of grade crossing accidents and fatalities and to reduce the amount of maintained infrastructure.  In support, the railroad industry’s current goal is: 

Two existing at-grade crossings must be closed for every new at-grade crossing that is opened.  For small communities experiencing growth, there are often not enough existing crossings to offer for closure when a new at-grade crossing is required.

In response, the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) approved the Regional Railroad Crossing Banking Program. This program develops a marketplace to collect credits for at-grade railroad crossings eliminated through closure or grade separation within our region. In addition, the program allows local governments to exchange these credits/establish a cash value to sell them to one another as needed.

Prior to determining that the banking program is the solution needed, local governments planning future roadways and future at-grade crossings must first contact the railroad whose line and right-of-way they want to cross to discuss their roadway plans.

Staff Contacts:  Jeff Hathcock, Mike Johnson, Dan Lamers