Regional People Mover Initiative

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What is a people mover?

People movers circulate travelers across a geographically small area, typically using automated, electrically-powered vehicles operating on elevated guideways. People movers connect districts or single destinations to larger-scale regional transit. While these systems are similar to regional light rail, people movers typically operate smaller vehicles that serve small areas with stations spaced closer together and a more frequent level of service.

When properly planned and carefully implemented, these systems can reduce congestion, enhance transit-oriented developments, optimize parking, and expand the reach of transit. People movers are commonly built in the following locations:

  • A picture of a people mover in the DFW airportAt airports, where terminals are large and/or not immediately adjacent to one another (Dallas Fort Worth International Airport; Newark, Tampa).

  • Entertainment districts where a large number of visitors travel between closely spaced destinations (Las Vegas, Orlando).

  • Downtowns, in areas where a people mover could connect to other forms of transit or serve areas with many residents and non-office commercial activity (Miami, Las Colinas, Jacksonville).

Regional People Mover Initiative Contacts:

Local People Movers

Two people mover systems currently operate in North Central Texas: the DFW International Airport Skylink and Las Colinas Area Personal Transit (APT) system. The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Skylink shuttles passengers between Dallas Fort Worth International Airport’s terminals. The system enables passengers to make connections without having to be rescreened by security. Completed in 1989, the Las Colinas APT is one of the oldest people mover systems in the United States. The recent connection to DART rapid transit through Las Colinas has increased ridership, and created interest in adding new stations, system upgrades, and extensions of the system to new entertainment venues and Irving Convention Center.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport SkyLink

Official Site History of SkyLink


Las Colinas Automated Personal Transit System

Official Site History of Las Colinas APT


Current Studies

Dallas Midtown Autonomous Transportation System & Shared Parking Feasibility Study
     - Executive Summary


Dallas Midtown Automated Transportation System: Conceptual Engineering Study:

Previous Studies

Last Mile Transit Connections Concept Study:
     - A Regional Exploratory Analysis of People Movers and Other Local-Scale Transit Options

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Existing People Movers in the United States

Jacksonville Skyway

Official Site

System Upgrade Website


Miami-Dade Metromover

Official Site


Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit System

Official Site


Las Vegas People Movers:


Official Site

History of Las Vegas Monorail


Mandalay Bay Tram

Manufacturer's Website

History of Mandalay Bay Tram


MGM CityCenter Shuttle

Manufacturer's Website


Portland Aerial Tram

Official Site


New York Aerial Tram

Official Site

History of Tramway


Detroit People Mover

Official Site

History of Detroit People Mover


Indiana University Health People Mover

History of People Mover at Indiana University


Huntsville Hospital Tram System

Huntsville Hospital Tram Information

History of Huntsville Hospital Tram System