My Ride North Texas


This is the official logo of My Ride North Texas. For more information on My Ride North Texas call 1-800-898-9103.
North Texas residents can call 1-800-898-9103 to speak to travel navigators who can connect callers to transit information in our 16-county North Central Texas region.

My Ride North Texas serves all residents of North Central Texas but strives to connect aging populations and individuals with disabilities to transportation services and inform regional medical trips through public transit.


My Ride North Texas is here to connect you to transportation options.
Travel navigators may provide:
     ► Counseling on regional transportation options
     ► Application assistance for transportation programs
     ► Information about public transportation options
     ► Information to plan for when you or a family member cannot drive

Navigating through North Central Texas there are many barriers that may prohibit individuals from accessing available public transportation options that connect them to medical appointments, work opportunities, education, and grocery stores. My Ride initiatives in Dallas and Tarrant began as a way to provide residents travel navigation services.  However, as the region has grown and individuals are changing the way they travel there has been an increasing demand to provide centralized resources and expand the reach of these services.
As part of the Federal Transit Administration’s Innovative Coordinated Access and Mobility (ICAM) 2018 Pilot Program Grant, the North Central Texas Council of Governments was awarded funding to implement My Ride North Texas 2.0, a  regional mobility management program to improve the coordination of transportation services and expand travel navigation.

Today, the project is operated through partnerships between the North Central Texas Council of Governments, Community Council of Greater Dallas, and My Health My Resources Tarrant County in order to serve the larger 16-county North Central Texas region. The initiative’s current form consolidates previous individual efforts in order to a take a more coordinated approach to regional travel navigation.

The Get-A-Ride-Guide is a resource which provides information on various transportation resources throughout the North Central Texas region. It contains information on public transportation services, specialized transportation services, medical transportation services, private transportation services, vanpool and carpool services, accessible van rentals, driver safety resources, and referral resources. 
View the Get-A-Ride-Guide Here.    //    Ver la Get-A-Ride-Guide en Español Aqui.

To request more information on transportation options and reach a travel navigator, please call 1-800-898-9103 or email

To learn more about this pilot project funded via FTA’s ICAM 2018 grant award, you may contact Gypsy Gavia at