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Engine Off North Texas (EONT) is a regional initiative dedicated to reducing the impacts associated with the unnecessary idling of vehicles. Efforts are focused on expanding the adoption of anti-idling ordinances, implementing policies for fleets, providing idle reduction technology options, and promoting various idle reduction strategies across the region.

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Idling Information

Be more informed about idling from our collection of studies, factsheets, and other resources ,as well as learn how you can reduce unnecessary idling and make better choices.  Currently, the majority of nitrogen oxide on- road mobile source emissions are from heavy- duty vehicles.

Truck Idling Electrified Parking Space (EPS)
Per Vehicle Idling EPS Use
Hours/Day 10 10
Days/Month 25 25
Hours/Month 250 250
Gallons/Hour .8 0
Gallons/Month 200 0
Fuel Cost/Gallon* $4.31 n/a
Usage Cost/Hour** n/a $2.37**
Total Cost/Month $862.00 $592.50
*Average weekly retail diesel price for gulf  coast region as of 6/9/2022
**Typical cost per hour of use at local DFW electrified parking space provider
Total Savings $1.08/Hour $10.78/Day $269.50/Month $3,234/Year
Source: North Central Texas Council of Government

General Information

Templates and Forms

Studies and Fact Sheets

Idling Tip Sheet  Adopt a Clean Fleet Policy Truck Stop Electrification Study 
Health Effects Pledge to Reduce Idling Idle Reduction for Long-Haul Trucks: An Economic Comparison for On-Board and Wayside Technology
Idling Restriction Citations Model Idle Restriction Ordinance Stop and Restart Effects on Modern Vehicle Starting System Components
Local Government Guide Sample Implementation Plan Idling Reduction for Personal Vehicles
Engine Off North Texas ToolKit Vehicle Idling Exemption Checklist  
Examples of Heavy-Duty Vehicles    

yellow-semiHeavy-duty diesel trucks contribute to 48% of on-road mobile source ozone causing emissions in the North Central Texas region.  Reducing unnecessary idling can help decrease these emissions and provide better air quality for everyone.  NCTCOG wants to help the trucking industry and heavy-duty diesel drivers do their part in improving the environment by providing:

- Information about local anti-idling ordinances within the region
​- Locations of electrified parking spaces
- Idle reduction strategies and available funding information
​- Fleet policy solutions


Local governments play a major part in improving air quality for the north central Texas region by adopting and enforcing ordinances and implementing policies that encourage heavy-duty diesel vehicle idle reduction.  NCTCOG has developed several resources available to local governments which includes;

- Potential Enforcement Strategies
- Guidance for Local Governments 
- Clean Fleet Policy 
- TCEQ Idling Limitations Rule Updates
- Idle Free School Zones


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