Mobility 2045 Update

The current Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Mobility 2045 Update, was adopted by the Regional Transportation Council on 
June 9, 2022. The plan recommends projects, programs, and policies that aim to meet the Mobility Plan goal themes of mobility, quality of life, system sustainability, and implementation.

The Mobility 2045 Update guides the spending of federal and state transportation funds based on our regional goals. The plan makes recommendations for all travel modes through policies, programs, and projects. These are designed to improve regional mobility and increase efficiency, safety, and system capacity. Transportation should be an afterthought when getting where you need to go, so we’re taking a systematic approach to solving the region’s biggest transportation challenges and sticking to our goals.


Plan Documents

Executive Summary Coming Soon!
Executive Summary [PDF]
Executive Summary Coming Soon!
Executive Summary En EspaƱol [PDF]
Mobility 2045 Document
Chapters for Download

Maps and Online Tools

This picture is a link of a map that shows what the mobility 2045 recommendations will look like
Project Recommendations in Mobility 2045
This picture is a link that shows roadway performance with the recommendaions that Mobility 2045 presents
Roadway Performance
Map Packet

Chapters for Download

Chapters  Appendices
1 - Introduction A. Financial Reality
2 - Financial Reality B. Social Considerations
3 - Social Considerations C. Environmental Considerations
4 - Environmental Considerations D. Operational Efficiency
5 - Operational Efficiency E. Mobility Options
6 - Mobility Options F. Transportation Technology
7 - Transportation Technology G. Regional Performance
8 - Regional Performance H. Policy Bundle
9 - Conclusion I. Resolutions


Transit Recommendation Listing Program Listing
Freeway/Tollway Listing Policy Listing
Regionally Significant Arterials Listing

Non-Regionally Significant Arterials Listing
Policy Bundle Listing

Public Involvement

06/09/2022       Presentation 
05/12/2022       Presentation
04/14/2022       Presentation
03/10/2022       Presentation
02/10/2022       Presentation
01/13/2022       Presentation
12/09/2021       Presentation
11/11/2021       Presentation
09/09/2021       Presentation
06/10/2021       Presentation

05/27/2022        Presentation
04/22/2022        Presentation
03/25/2022        Presentation
02/25/2022        Presentation
01/28/2022        Presentation 
12/03/2021        Presentation
10/22/2021        Presentation
08/27/2021        Presentation
03/26/2021        Presentation

05/09/2022       Presentation 
04/11/2022       Presentation 
03/14/2022       Presentation 
02/07/2022       Presentation 
10/11/2021       Presentation 
03/08/2021       Presentation

05/11/2020       Online Public Input Oppurtunity    
02/02/2021      ISM Fort Worth
05/12/2021      NCTCOG Regional GIS Meeting
08/09/2021      Online Public Input Oppurtuinity
08/20/2021      Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors
10/09/2021      Peterbilt Motors Open House
02/17/2022      Leadership Plano
04/01/2022      UNT University Day
04/03/2022      Oak Cliff Earth Day
04/23/2022      Colorpalooza
05/16/2022      Greater Dallas Planning Council Event

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