Relaunched Ride-Matching Program Offers More Functionality


Improvements to Try Parking It make it easier to find ride matches, track commutes

Brian Wilson
Caryn Sanders
Try Parking It, North Texas’ alternative-commute and rideshare resource, has been relaunched, offering an updated website and mobile app.
The new continues to assist users in locating rideshare matches and providing the ability to record alternative-commute trips. Commuters are still eligible to win new incentive rewards. But there are now improved functionalities that ensure a more personalized and seamless experience.

Previously, residents who vanpooled, carpooled, biked, walked or took transit, had to manually track their commute alternatives for each trip. Now, reoccurring trips can be automatically recorded, so they don’t have to be entered each time. This saves valuable time and can lead to more accurate records, since users no longer have to manually record each trip.   
The Try Parking It program also offers a mobile app, allowing users to participate wherever they are located. Users also can sign up for text or email alerts.

The previous app must be deleted and the new one downloaded before users are able to experience the increased functionality. The app provides users with an additional means to access Try Parking It, and many of the same functionalities exist on the app as are present on the website.

 Whether recorded on the website or app, each alternative commute tracked earns points toward an expanded list of rewards, including contest drawings, dining, shopping, events and services. For establishing a new account, users of the app and website are instantly rewarded 1,000 points. Earned points can be redeemed immediately or are available for later use.

Try Parking It is to be utilized by all commuters. Users are also encouraged to track commute activity for other instances such as shopping and dining. You can even record physical activity, such as bicycling, walking and running. Users of the Strava and Under Armour fitness apps can directly sync their activities with Try Parking It. This removes the user from having to also record activity tracked by these apps in Try Parking It. This feature is enabled when people are actively traveling.

 An agreement with Enterprise to maintain vanpool information offers a more accurate and timely listing of available vanpools for Try Parking It users. This listing will be automatically updated and ensures that a current listing of vanpools is readily available to users.

 To get started, visit or download the FREE Try Parking It app from the App Store or on Google Play. Try Parking It has allowed residents to track their alternative commutes for more than 10 years.  

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