North Texans Encouraged to Look Out for People Walking and Biking

Campaign provides tips for making roadways safer for all users
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Julie Anderson

Arlington, Texas – Activity on the region’s bicycle-pedestrian trails has increased substantially since the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020. Trails across Dallas-Fort Worth experienced a boost of over 70% last spring, and activity remained strong throughout last year.
As spring 2021 approaches, both the trails and streets of North Texas are likely to see increased activity from bicyclists and pedestrians. More people biking and walking puts a greater focus on the importance of safety for all users of the transportation system. Look Out Texans, a regional public safety and education campaign, is sharing tips to encourage everyone to help make the region’s roads safer for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.
Throughout the spring and summer, the campaign will use a variety of tools to reach those most at risk for being in a crash, while also reminding the general public of the importance of roadway safety.
Look Out Texans features tips to help people bicycling, walking and driving understand how they should interact together to improve safety on area roads. For example, drivers are reminded to yield for people in crosswalks and to give three feet of space when passing a bicyclist. Data shows that people between 23-33 years of age are most likely to be involved in pedestrian crashes, and that most fatalities happen in the dark.
Whether in an urban, suburban or rural setting, bicyclists and pedestrians are sharing the roads with drivers, and all users need to remain alert. Interactions between drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians could occur just about anywhere in the region, especially with the increases seen in active transportation in the past year. Wherever they are, everyone should be respectful and look out for one another.
Look Out Texans campaign efforts enhance the work of local, State and federal transportation partners who are focused on improving reliability and safety for all road users through roadway design solutions and greater awareness of how people can bike, walk and drive safely. The North Central Texas Council of Governments is coordinating Look Out Texans for cities and transportation partners across the region. It comes at a time when motor vehicle crashes that involve people bicycling and walking are increasing in North Texas. Between 2015 and 2019, there were more than 10,500 such reported vehicle crashes with pedestrians and bicyclists, resulting in 864 fatalities in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.
Consequently, the Federal Highway Administration has designated both Dallas and Fort Worth as two of its 35 Pedestrian-Bicycle Focus Cities, which were selected based on high rates of crash fatalities.
For more information about the Look Out Texans campaign, including tips that can help make the roads safer for all, visit Follow the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #LookOutTexans.
About the North Central Texas Council of Governments:
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