Tools and Resources

Tools and resources for Building Codes, Fire Codes, and Other Codes.

How to adopt a set of codes

How to Update Building Codes:
A Primer and Resources for Cities in Need
 - webinar presented on July 1, 2020, cohosted by NCTCOG and SPEER. Watch the webinar here. 

Regional Codes Coordinating Committee Support Statement: Solar Ready Provisions - document in support of the the Solar-Ready Provisions of the IRC and IBC.

How To Determine 25% Occupancy Load - simplified for ease of use. There may be other limiting factors for occupancy of a building.

Electronic Plan Submittal Guideline - intended to support the standardization of the process by which electronic plan documents are submitted.  The RCCC is recommending adoption of this Electronic Plan Submittal Guideline and Proposed Number System by cities in the North Central Texas region in order to standardize the process by which electronic plans are submitted.

List of Accomplishments of FY2021 Flyer
Fiscal Year 2021 Work Program Flyer

More tools to come soon!